About Us

Colectivo.Work is a small and nimble creative studio. A blend of artists from different walks of life with a strong focus on visual, motion and VFX arts, including AI and dNFTs. 

We find beauty in every step of the way, as we believe in art not only as the outcome but as the process, and aim to leave a gentle yet impactful footprint on our planet’s creative history. 

Communication is key with everyone involved. From understanding the challenges and figuring out different approaches, to delivery. An excellent result comes through an intense but also worthy journey.

Our studio was founded in Montevideo in 2021 by Fede Mohr and Inés Sendra, born from the desire to imagine, to explore and to create. Ethereal Silver, our first project, still stands as our foundation, to which we wish to remain close: to make art for the sake of art, and to share it with whoever is willing to welcome it with an open mind.

Stoked to be alive at this time in history.

Our Clients

Claro . Telemundo . UPM . Katoen Natie . BuG . Clara Aguayo .